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Worth It PT

Why go to a Private Pay Physical Therapist? ​

Why go to a Private Pay Physical Therapist? ​

Worth It PT is an out-of-network provider, meaning that we are not contracted with any insurance companies.


How does this benefit you as a client?


In many ways, insurance companies dictate and/or strongly influence the treatment that patients receive at “in-network” clinics, and we refuse to allow that to be the case at Worth It PT.


How does In-Network Therapy differ from Out Of Network Therapy?


We are an out-of-network practice because the business model necessary for an in-network practice to survive rarely allows for the high-level care we insist upon giving our patients.


Often when a physical therapy clinic is in-network, they are subject to the rules and regulations of insurance companies. These rules affect your care because they determine how you can be treated, and for how long physical therapists can see you.


With declining reimbursement rates, many in-network clinics must have PTs see 15 or more people in an 8-hour period, which limits your 1:1 time to 30 minutes or less. Sometimes as little as 15 minutes!

At these in-network clinics, you are then encouraged, or often required, to come back 2-3 times per week because the care you received in one session often is not adequate to meet your needs.


You will likely have a co-pay required with an in-network provider, which you’ll be paying each visit. And this is if your insurance will even cover physical therapy. Many insurance plans will only cover physical therapy if you’ve met your deductible. If you have not met your deductible, you may then be responsible for the full cost of PT at these in-network clinics. 6-8 weeks for 2-3 visits a week, that cost adds up quickly.


Speaking from a PT’s perspective, when I worked as an in-network provider, I had to see 25 people a day for 20 minutes total per session. I was often so overwhelmed, exhausted, and behind on paperwork that you were not getting my best-self as a clinician. The quality of care I provided, while with my best intentions, was often lacking. I know I’m not alone in saying this, and it’s why the turnover for these clinics is so high.


Why go out-of-network then?


As an out-of-network provider, Worth It PT is not subject to the rules imposed on your care by insurance companies that can negatively impact you as a patient. Because we will see you for 90 minutes per treatment (or 2 hours with our evaluations) instead of only 15 - 30 minutes at an in-network provider, we need to see you less than the in-network clinic. That saves you a lot of time and enables us to focus on all your goals, often getting you back to your ideal quality of life faster.

Worth It PT vs Standard In-Network Clinic

Initial Evaluation Time

Worth It PT

2 Hours

Standard In-Network Clinic


45 - 60 Minutes

Regular Visits

Worth It PT


90 minutes

Standard In-Network Clinic


20 - 30 minutes


Worth It PT

1 visit every 2 weeks, on average. 

Average treatment length is 4 - 6 visits. 

Standard In-Network Clinic

2x per week for 6 to 8 weeks

Average treatment length is 12 to 16 visits.

Ongoing Support

Worth It PT

Unlimited check-ins with your physical therapist between sessions and after completion of treatment. 

Once your PT, always your PT.

Standard In-Network Clinic

Not available. You cannot typically check-in with your physical therapist between sessions or after treatment without paying for an additional appointment.


Worth It PT

$225 per 2/hr eval, $175 per 90 minute session

Average Treatment Length: 4 - 6 sessions, $700 - $1050

Standard In-Network Clinic

$75 copay, 2x/week for 8 weeks: $1,200

If your insurance doesn't cover in-network PT until you've met your deductible, your costs may be as high as $6,000.

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