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Worth It PT

About the Practice

Meet the Pelvic Floor Doc 


Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Exploring pelvic floor physical therapy can be very vulnerable for many reasons. You may have trauma from other experiences, may have grown up in a world where genitals were dirty things to talk about, or even just recognize that society doesn’t want to hear about your “problems” because they’re probably “your fault”. 


Due to this vulnerability and how raw that can feel, I am choosing to be vulnerable with you first. 


My first experience with pelvic floor health occurred when I was training for the Chicago Marathon in 2017. I was an avid runner, but mainly for my mental health as I also was suffering from crippling anxiety and depression. Little did I know, all of that nervous system tension was slowly creating a physical environment that my pelvis wouldn’t be able to tolerate. One day I stopped at my six mile marker, and lost complete control of my bladder. Humiliation and the realization that I was far from home burned me so deep inside I thought I’d never recover. Was everyone looking at me? Did they see the liquid soaking my socks? I’m only in my twenties and I don't understand what’s happening. 


To make matters more ironic, I was too ashamed to tell anyone despite being in the medical field and knowing I could get help. I wasn’t as ashamed to admit I was leaking after I ran. I was scared that someone would tell me I was weak, because no athlete wants to hear that. The word “weak”, I just knew, would send me into a negative spiral. 


While I’ll spare the details of the rest of the story, I’m here to say I understand. I know how it feels to be in chronic pain, and how lonely it is to be up at 4AM wondering why your body is betraying you. I know the feeling of wet underwear and total confusion because I was a healthy (ish), young athlete. I know the feeling of waiting in a cold, sterile medical office while you’re completely naked (except for a gown), having no idea when anyone will come see you for just *five* minutes. I know vulnerability. 


I chose to create my business to fulfill a need for those who wanted a better experience of healthcare. My passion for working with chronic and persistent conditions, especially those with high complexity, allows me to offer the quality of care I find lacking from our current medical system. Chronic and persistent cases are often brushed aside, or bounced around from specialty to  specialty without anyone sitting down and looking at the larger picture. The message I want to give the world is clear: You can have the quality of life you deserve no matter the complexity or history of your pain, and I will be alongside you every step of the way.


I am happy to report that I no longer have incontinence with exercise, no longer suffer from persistent pain, and live the quality of life I’ve always dreamed of. People believed in me the whole time, and I will be that person to believe in you throughout your pelvic floor physical therapy journey. All of your goals are attainable. So let’s get started, because you’re Worth It.

Dr. Caroline Worth Gamwell, DPT

She / Her / Hers

Founder of Worth It PT

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