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Worth It PT

About the Practice

Meet the Doctor

My name is Caroline Worth Gamwell, and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I received my doctorate from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL, with an undergraduate background in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


My experience in the Physical Therapy realm has been vast, and perhaps unique; I’ve worked in a large range of settings that have given me an appreciation for all aspects of medical care. The large gamut of experience is in part wanting to learn and grow as a clinician, and continually being dissatisfied with how the system of healthcare works.

Throughout the years I've found my passion amongst the concepts of aging well, embracing body changes throughout the life span, and the complexities of chronic pain. I have found medicine often promotes fear-based language and practice around aging and body changes, which really impact the quality of life one is seeking. Whether it's a to-be new mom that wants to workout for her mental health and fetal well-being, or someone hoping to prevent osteoporosis and potential fractures, research has shown staying active is often the best course of action. Unfortunately a lot of health care has yet to catch up with the research. 

My passion for working with chronic pain cases, especially those with high complexity, allows me to offer the quality of care I find lacking from our current medical system. Chronic and persistent pain cases are often brushed aside, or bounced around from specialty to  specialty without anyone sitting down and looking at the larger picture. The message I want to give the world is clear: You can have the quality of life you deserve no matter complexity or history of your pain, and I will be alongside you every step of the way.


I eventually realized that no matter what job I was in, the patients would always get the short end of the stick with quality care and insurance coverage. This is what led me to create Worth It PT, LLC so that I could treat all my clients the way I truly feel they deserve, with the interventions research has proven, on their own terms.


When I'm not traveling to every mountain range I can, I’m usually to be found enjoying a book, crocheting, or working out. I am currently a plant mom, and still have yet to learn the ways of successfully staying on top of laundry and cutting an adequate amount of cling wrap for left-overs.

Dr. Caroline Worth Gamwell, DPT

Founder of Worth It PT

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