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Denver Physical Therapy


Women's Orthopedic Physical Therapy

We all have joints, muscles, tendons etc. What we do with them and how we live is completely unique to each of us, however. Whether it's returning to your preferred sport / exercise postpartum or recovering from surgery, having guidance along the way from a Doctor of Physical Therapy is essential.


Take the guessing game out of how to recover, and return to your desired goals in a faster, safer timeline.

What can Worth It PT help with?
What does our first appointment look like?

  • We sit down and focus on your goals and the history of the issue you’re seeking to resolve. 

  • There is a physical assessment where we look at your whole person and help identify areas that might be contributing to your symptoms. Physical assessments often include manual physical therapy for pain relief, if indicated.

  • We develop the plan of care with you, guided by our suggestions, so you can decide how to best reach your goals. 

  • In some cases, such as returning to a specific sport like running, an assessment of performance will be necessary. In this case it's important to wear the appropriate clothing to be physically active in. Your PT will coordinate in advance with you, but if you aren't sure just ask!

  • Return to exercise postpartum 
    • Don't let anyone tell you you cannot do crunches, weight-lift, or run again after pregnancy. Don't let anyone tell you lifting more than 20 pounds is damaging!

    • Guided by research and your specific goals & background, Worth It PT can help you achieve all that you want to get back to and more. 

  • Pain
    • Ongoing pain / persistent pain (i.e. low back has been bugging you for 3+ months now).  

    • Pain with specific activities (i.e. your knee hurts when running or hiking).

    • Pain after an injury or surgery (i.e. fell on your tailbone this winter or that abdominal scar is causing pain).

  • Injury Prevention
    • Maybe you don't have an injury or pain at all, but want to prevent one. We are here to help you with that as well. No one wants to get 80% into training for a marathon and then be in so much pain they're benched.

    • Examples of injury prevention assessments:​​

      • Running assessment ​

      • Lifting assessment 

      • Ergonomics and work station set up 

      • Walking and hiking assessment 

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