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Exercise Rx Program

Exercise Prescriptions By a Doctor of Physical Therapy

“I am trying to get back into exercising since having COVID, but my breathing hasn’t been the same.”


“I have diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis pain. I want to start exercising for my health but I don’t know where to start considering my medical diagnoses.”


“I want someone who understands my medical background as well as fitness goals. I want to feel like what I’m doing is safe and won’t put me at risk for another surgery.” 


“I want to weight lift during pregnancy to stay strong, but there is all this conflicting advice online. I want to know what is safe for me, safe for the baby, and how to modify as I grow.”

Are you looking for a personalized exercise program or prescription to fit your specific needs?


There are a plethora of options out there in the fitness industry, from apps to group classes to personal training. For some individuals without any medical comorbidities, these options are a perfect fit. 


For some however, it is important to bridge the gap between staying active and staying safe. Having an exercise routine detailed out by a Doctor of Physical Therapy is the perfect solution. 

What does the initial session look like?
  • Evaluation based on past medical history and current ailments.

  • Vital signs assessed (optional but recommended).

  • Goals discussed and reviewed.

  • Introduction to the foundational elements of your exercise prescription.

  • Receiving a written plan to follow for your desired length of time.

  • Accountability check up calls.

  • Follow-up sessions are booked based on individual need and desire. This is a great option for those “graduating” from physical therapy, but wanting to stay connected with a DPT in the long term.

Training with Fit Ball
Dr. Caroline Gamwell, DPT’s promise:

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, my expertise is in human movement and rehabilitation. The majority of my days are spent helping others improve their pain and their quality of life no matter the medical diagnosis, backed by research-based interventions for each unique circumstance. I am an avid weight-lifter and runner, so I appreciate the love of endurance and strength and everything in between. I recognize that not everyone needs physical therapy at all moments in life, however everyone needs to have a solid understanding of their body and health. By choosing an exercise prescription written by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, you receive both vital health information unique to your person as well as a plan to stay active and achieve all of your goals.

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