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Worth It PT

Odela Health

Make this obvious that it's part of  As a part of being a client of Worth It PT, you also get access to a full medical care team that specializes in optimizing the results of our physical therapy. The medical team is lead by Dr. Ashley Winters,  MD at Odela Health. She is one of the United State's top physicians in pelvic health and sexual dysfunction, and is a board certified Urologist. 

As a client, you receive a free telehealth consultation with their medical team ($1000 value). 

Together, Worth It PT and Odela Health are here to provide you with an integrated, holistic care plan to help you achieve your health goals. 

New Patient Perks: 

1) Free Sexual Health Consultation with Dr Winters Team

2) Same day appointments and unlimited follow ups 

3) Discounted prescriptions *

4) Multidisciplinary care with a free visit with a sex & relationship coach

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