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Beyond Discomfort:

Home Pelvic Floor Therapy Program for Painful Sex

Have you ever...

Had painful sex and didn’t know what to do about it? Perhaps you were told that was normal or to drink a glass of wine.

Been diagnosed with Vaginismus and are unable or too nervous to seek pelvic floor therapy for it? Perhaps you googled "how to treat vaginismus at home" because of this.  

Felt sharp or burning pain during sex, and your previous attempts at fixing it didn’t work? Perhaps you were prescribed dilators and you absolutely hated them, they didn't help.

This program was developed for individuals like yourself who are struggling with painful intimacy (vaginismus, vulvodynia, dyspareunia etc) and are looking for an at-home, accessible solution. Whether you tried therapy before, or you don’t have access to it, this program will walk you through comprehensive steps and exercises to help you reach your pain-free sex goals.


Phase One:

Phase one of the program covers: 

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Pelvic Floor

  • Pain science education, plus a handout to help you determine where your pain is coming from. 

  • Education on different medications to speak to your provider about.

  • Introductions to all the at-home treatments you have available to you. 

  • Guidance on building your at-home routine to help you best reach success.


Phase Two

Phase two of the program covers:

  • Videos on breathing, yoga, and other exercises to do weekly to help progress your tissue healing. 

  • Videos on using dilators, wands, and your hands for self - manual therapy.

  • Downloadable handouts to accompany the videos for reference as needed.

  • Patient case examples so you can read about others' stories, and gain insight on how you might best find success.


Phase Three

Phase three of the program covers:

  • Returning to intimacy and how to prepare for it.

  • Myth busting orgasms and how to have one.

  • What positions might feel the best to try with your partner.

  • What products and lubricants might be most helpful for your pain and tissue needs.

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If you are more of a visual learner, watch our preview to get a brief introduction of what the program is about. 

All videos have subtitles, so if audio is unavailable to you, you can still follow along!

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Only $129.00

We created this program to be accessible, and while others out there might charge you an arm and a leg, or a continuous subscription fee, we won't. One purchase to have access to the program for life. 

As the program gets updated over the years, you'll automatically have access to those new additions as well.

Currently there are 27 lessons to work through, and 1.5 hours of video content to watch and rewatch as desired.

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About Me

Dr. Caroline Gamwell, DPT is a pelvic floor therapist specializing in chronic pain and sexual dysfunction in Denver, Colorado. Continually dissatisfied with the lack of accessible, therapeutic care throughout the country and online, she created this masterclass for those suffering with painful sex.


This masterclass is not meant to replace in-person care, however it is a great adjunct or place to get started. 

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.

You can email or click the link above.

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