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Worth It PT: Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy

Denver Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Worth It PT is a boutique pelvic floor physical therapy clinic offering innovative treatments based on the latest research that can help you avoid unnecessary or invasive surgery. Whether it's endometriosis, incontinence, or painful intercourse, we have the time to give you quality care you deserve. 

Why settle for mediocre care when you can have excellence?

Worth It PT specializes in pelvic floor-related dysfunctions. Our Denver clinic offers a premium and comfortable physical therapy experience focused on the latest evidence-based research and treatments.  

Denver Pelvic
Floor Specialist

1:1 Treatments, No Referral Needed

Our Denver clinic offers a premium and comfortable therapy experience for all individuals, including pregnancy & postpartum pelvic floor therapy and pelvic health for transgender care. We offer the latest evidence-based research and treatments for a wide variety of pelvic floor-related conditions.

The full two-hour evaluations are spent with a doctor of physical therapy whose entire career has been dedicated to helping individuals like yourself. 

Denver Clinic

600 Grant St, Suite #202
Denver, CO 80203

(By Appointment Only)

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Hi, I’m Caroline

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pelvic Health

I have two passions in this world: Treatment of complex, chronic issues and my fur-baby Eowyn. I could work with and chat about both all day long. 

"I do want to say a few words about the experience. First, she is trauma informed, she understands that this sort of treatment puts you in a very vulnerable state. It can be uncomfortable and awkward and can trigger a range of emotions. She provides guidance and is very reassuring through the entire process."

-Craig R.

"Dr. Gamwell was extremely helpful in treating my pudendal neuralgia that I had been dealing with for several years [...] I have experienced very positive results. I would highly recommend her to others."

-Gina F.

"Dr. Caroline is an absolute life saver. She helped me during my second pregnancy in which I had a lot of complications [...] I felt like she was part of my family. I had my baby in July vaginally and had absolutely no tearing or any complications. I’m now almost 6 months postpartum and my pelvic floor is perfect!"

-Maggie H.

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